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BONJOUR, READERS. I had some difficulties posting this chapter, mostly due to it's length. It's kind of ironic, considering after taking all the pictures, I thought it would be too short!

I'd like to say 3 things before I begin the chapter:

1 - I changed Alyss's outfit halfway through filming this, forgetting that she appeared in the second scene. Please forgive me for having her outfit change half-way through the chapter.

2 - I plan to post a recap tomorrow sometime this week/next week to clear up any confusion readers might have. I have already explaiend the missing pictures, and I think some people might need some reminders as to who is who.

3 - Chapter 21 should be released on my legaversary - July 28th, I believe. I would release it before that, but then I'd have to release chapter 22 on that day, and it's not a happy chapter.

That is all.


My outsides are cool, my insides are blueCollapse )

An Astronomical Alphabetacy - Chapter 19

Holyshit, it’s a new chapter! Yeah, I kind of took an unofficial break from working on this.

 Before I begin, I just want to apologize for the shortness of this chapter. You see, I lost over half the original pictures that I took for this update, and had to improvise. I ended up adding a bit more material to the interlude I was working on, and turned it into an actual chapter. The important bits from the original Chapter 19 will be worked into Chapter 20, which will now be even longer than I planned. Hopefully that will make up for the length of this chapter.

 Also, the characters’ skins are going to look a bit different here on in, because at this point I switched to my defaults.


You live for the fight when it's all that you've gotCollapse )



An Astronomical Alphabetacy - Chapter 18

Hi, guys. Yeah, it’s been months since I last updated, but Juney agreed to take over my RRL turn for me, so I was able to get back to writing An Astronomical Alphabetacy.

You see, I was shooting scenes and stuff for this rather than writing my turn, which was putting me behind schedule. Everything that I did for the RRL was minimal effort and everything just turned out really shitty. No matter what I did I wasn’t happy, and it just made me so miserable that I eventually said ‘fuck this I’m not doing it anymore’ and June took over from there.

Then November came, and I was all ‘Yay, NaNoWriMo!’, and put all other writing projects aside. This, however, meant that I was finally able to finish my novel, format a manuscript, and I will now be receiving a proof copy of my novel in the mail.

But now I’m back to writing and working on what I love, so yay. :D This chapter, and the chapter after this will be short, but Chapter 20 is going to be a really long, special chapter to make up for it. ;]


"Holy shit, she updated!"Collapse )

Hey guys! Yes, I told you I was taking a break in order to participate in the RRL, but today is a special day.


Exactly one year ago a very bored fourteen year old girl decided that she was tired of having so many ideas for stories, but never getting around completing them. She had an idea for a legacy challenge in mind, but knowing that she couldn’t just stop at ten generations she decided to make it into an alphabetacy. She chose her naming scheme, loaded up a new hood, and proceeded to create her founder in CAS. After remaking her founder in her storytelling hood (used to film) she was able to make and write her prologue. End of story.


TL;DR: This is my story of how this started and you should feel ashamed if you didn’t read that.


Chapter 17cCollapse )

True Colours

*sneaks in*

I came up with this idea for a song story, and couldn't help but do it. I am still working on the RRL, though so there won;t be a new AAA chapter for a while. Hope you guys enjoy it, though! You can listen to the song HERE.

True colours are beautiful like a rainbowCollapse )

Hey guys! I have an important announcement to make before I start the new chapter. Chip (chippetg ) and I have started a round robin legacy (more information on that HERE). I will be taking a TEMPORARY break from ‘An Astronomical Alphabetacy’ for my duration of the challenge. I’m doing the founder’s generation, so my turn will be staring really soon. The RRL has some great writers participating in it, so I hope you guys will check it out! =)


Chapter 17bCollapse )

An Astronomical Alphabetacy - Chapter 17a

Hey guys! Sorry for the long-ish delay in releasing the chapter. I wanted to let you know that 17 will be a long chapter, and therefore it’s being split into three parts. I have a lot to cover, lots of new sprogs to introduce, and plotty-ness! Also I’m hoping to make it through the next generation without blowing up Astra Villa again. (Knowing me this probably won’t last long).


Anyways, onto the chapter!



Chapter 17aCollapse )

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